bob mazzei

Bob Mazzei

Born in 1964. I studied Political Philosophy, Economics, and Data Science. I specialize in Agribusiness economics, Copywriting, Data Analysis, Digital Marketing. Been teaching organization theory and ICT for over 30 years.
My main job is to guide businesses through their ICT journey.
I design the computerization and automation process according to the actual practices and requirements, coordinating all of the resources and providers involved.
The goal is to obtain efficient and scalable systems that use the most advanced technologies in order to optimize work, increase productivity, and reduce costs.
I am a firm believer in agile software.
Spoken languages English, Italian, Spanish.
Clients in UK, USA, Canada, EU.
Author of lyrics and short stories. Very fond of Rock music. Owner of Sienda ltd, digital agency based in London, UK, and founder of Naralimon s.c. digital publishing company based in Spain.