bob mazzei

Bob Mazzei

Born in 1964. I specialize in Network Economics, Data Analysis, and Business Engineering. Been teaching organization theory and ICT for over 30 years.
My job is to guide companies on their journey to an agile organization.
Enterprise-wide agile transformation needs to be both comprehensive and iterative. The Agile Model affects strategy, structure, people, process, and technology; however, it must also be iterative as not everything can be planned up front. Agility cannot be postponed; either you are in or you are out; it is the model to adopt for all successful companies today.
Spoken languages English, Italian, Spanish.
Clients in UK, USA, Canada, EU.
Author for fun and very fond of Rock music. Owner of Sienda ltd, digital agency based in London, UK, and founder of Naralimon s.c. business agency based in Spain.